No category - Published: 11/12/2018

Summer is just there, and this is the time to know what is hot and prepare the wardrobe for the season. The fashion world has already prepared the trends that will circulate on the streets and beaches. It’s time to bet everything in the trends of summer colors! Are you curious to know which colors will enhance the season? The ninth edition of the Almeida Junior magazine has just come out and brings everything that is going to happen in the coming months, as well as interviews with the people of Santa Catarina who differentiate themselves em several segments.

The featured article is on retail technology, with insights into what the large companies are doing out there and what shopkeepers of Almeida Junior malls have already put into practice. The artificial intelligence article coupled with fashion brings some news that the stores of the future will offer.

One of the interviewees of the edition is Titi Müller – graduated in fashion and who stood out as presenter of MTV. Fashion trends have received the suggestions of Fernanda DiBiase and the fashion editorial highlights the color palette representing the energy of the brightest season of the year, where the sun will shine more than ever and the mood calls for compositions with tropical foliage, stripes and linens to brighten and decorate the warmer period.

The style guide features famous looks and the section ‘Dream of Consumption’ presents the most wanted fashion and decoration articles from Tiffany & Co, Fendi, Off-White, Gucci, among others, highlighting what is on the rise in the four corners of the world. The Boticário’s makeup magician, Sadi Consati, comments on the hits to sweep summer away and gives some tips, such as low coverage foundations, use of gloss and copper shadow.

Kimberly Carvalho, known as Kim Rosacuca, comments on her empire built on social networks – with over eight million followers. The magazine values talents from Santa Catarina, such as the life coaching Vanessa Tobias, the chef who has been winning Latin America with the nutritious cuisine André Nutrichef; the award-winning architect, Juliana Pippi, and a bit of culture and colors of the plastic artist Adri Volpi.

Finally, you have a list of spas that help you get away from the rush of everyday life. Moreover, there are a series of photos with the best moments of the events held in the Almeida Junior shopping malls.

The magazine has a specific audience and can be found in one of the six shopping malls (Neumarkt, Norte, Balneário, Garten, Continente or Nações Shopping), accessed on the website or using the application.

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