Through a partnership with a group from Santa Catarina, CineMaterna reaches two new cities in the State

No category - Published: 22/08/2017

CineMaterna is already successful in more than 40 cities in Brazil and the Southern Region could not be different. So much so that the largest shopping mall in the south of the country, Almeida Junior has partnered with the CineMaterna Association, which sponsors special movie sessions for mothers and fathers with babies up to 18 months old. And is taking this initiative to all the shopping centers of the company.

Present in the Neumarkt Shopping, in Blumenau, since March 2013, and in the Continente Shopping center, in the Greater Florianópolis, since March 2015, CineMaterna debuts in four more shopping malls in Santa Catarina State. In August, it arrived in Norte Shopping mall, in Blumenau on the 15th and will arrive in Garten in Joinville on the 30th. In September the launch will be at the Nações Shopping Criciúma on the 6th and at Balneário, in Balneário Camboriú, on the 13th. All special film sessions will be sponsored by Almeida Junior.

“For us it is very positive that we have a strong relationship with the company and that we can think of integrated actions. This allows CineMaterna to be available to more and more mothers in the postpartum period. Through this partnership, we reached two new cities in Santa Catarina state, Criciúma city and Balneário Camboriú city, “says Irene Nagashima, founder of CineMaterna.

CineMaterna’s main difference is that the sessions are specially programmed to provide a friendly environment for mothers, fathers and babies with soft films and air conditioning, a lightly lit room and rubberized carpets for toddlers who crawl. There are also changing rooms inside the display room, equipped with diapers, ointments and wipes – that can be used for free – as well as a ‘parking’ for baby strollers. Volunteer mothers welcome the public and are ready to help in case of any need.

“CineMaterna’s number one commitment is to promote mother’s social recovery through culture. Postpartum is always a delicate time. Leaving home can be a challenge and we know this universe deeply. That is why we want to help women in this phase of their lives get out of their pajamas and venture beyond the pediatrician’s office. We want them to discover that, yes, the world remains the same outside and they can be part of it with their baby in their arms. In movies, they enjoy a moment of joy and relaxation” says Nagashima.

The extension of this project to all Almeida Junior shopping centers complements the mix of services and amenities that the malls already offers to families, such as the free loans of strollers, a Kids Play space, with playful toys and insurance in the mall itself. The Family Space, an environment that is specially prepared to welcome breastfeeding mothers and parents to warm up the little ones or to change the baby’s diapers. “CineMaterna is a project that has total adherence to our focus on the well-being of families and this partnership that comes to ratify our commitment in this regard”, says Superintendent of Corporate Marketing Almeida Junior, Monique Campos.

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