The New edition of the Almeida Junior Magazine

No category - Published: 21/12/2017

The hottest season has arrived and before we say goodbye to 2017, the launch of the seventh edition of Almeida Junior magazine shows what is trending in fashion and style for summer and next year. In addition, the publication is filled with content for those who would like to know more about traveling, healthy habits, technology, lifestyle and more. Model Manoella Brondani is on the cover the editorial Summer paradise, which brings the proposal escape the hustle and bustle of the coast to enjoy quiet places with beautiful landscapes.


In this issue, the magazine reveals the lifestyle and tips of women who form the first generation of digital influencers, with interviews with Helena Bordon, Flavia Pavanelli, Jade Seba, Luisa Accorsi and Luisa Sonza – who together legion with millions of followers. They all have something in common: they love to dress well, participate actively in social networks and use them to create trends across the country.

When it comes to health, the magazine features an interview with nutritionist Daniel Cady with several tips for those who want to start the year off with healthier eating habits, also the sport of the moment that mixes elements of tennis and beach volleyball – the badminton.

The magazine lists exclusive articles on the latest news in Almeida Junior shopping centers this year, such as charging points for electric cars and adherence of the pet friendly movement. In addition to these themes, an unprecedented solution for smartphones is making life easier for consumers and shopkeepers: the SHOPPromo platform, which is found in the Almeida Junior APP. The novelty unites store promotions in the physical and virtual environment – the so-called omnichannel – which refers the idea of ​​integrating of both channels and who wins the customer, who has the opportunity to explore the difference in products wherever they are.

The printed edition has circulation and can be found at one of our six shopping centers (Neumarkt, Norte, Balneário, Garten, Continente or Nações Shopping centers) or accessed at any time on the Almeida Junior website and application.

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