Platform Helps the Largest Shopping Center Company in Southern Brazil Almeida Junior to Manage Internet Consumer Ratings

No category - Published: 23/07/2017

With a pioneering platform in Brazil that concentrates online evaluations of several sites in a single place, a startup of Santa Catarina Reviewr caught the attention of the largest company in the segment of shopping malls in the south of the country, Almeida Junior. The contract was made official in July and will begin to be used by one of the networks malls in August. With Reviewr technology it will be possible to analyze the data extracted from online evaluations and apply them to the constant improvement of relationships with consumers. In addition, the platform focuses on improving the position of the company in the rankings of rating sites by increasing the score on these sites, directly impacting SEO.

Increasingly the consultation of opinions and experiences lived in establishments is decisive in decision making. The expectation is that with the technology of a startup the company we will approach even more of customers and increase competitiveness in the market. For Monique Campos, Superintendent of Marketing at Almeida Junior, with this adoption of technology, which is a novelty in a national scenario, a new cycle begans in our shopping malls: “One of the pillars of Almeida Junior is INNOVATION and with Reviewr we listen to more of our customers through different channels, interacting with them on a daily basis in a personalized way and directing efforts to exceed their expectations”.

Santiago Edo, founder of Reviewr, says that the solution is based on worldwide studies and research that proves the power of online evaluations to transform the relationship between brands and consumers, directly impacting billing. “Consumer behavior has changed. There is no more buying that does not go through research and reading of reviews on the internet. It is at that moment that the purchase decision is made and encouraging public feedback is the best way for companies to establish true relationships with its customers”, adds Santiago.

The startup is from Technological MIDI, an incubator managed by the Catarinense Association of Technology Companies (ACATE) and maintained by Sebrae SC. Within the institution, the entrepreneur can already count on tips from the consultants and mentors about market and business strategies to leverage the solution and set goals. “At MIDI we learned that we do not have to have the tool ready to start selling our service, we have managed to reconcile the development of the solution with the prospecting of customers and it has worked very well”, explains Santiago.

Kamila Bittarello, technical coordinator of the incubator, adds: “We encourage Reviewr, and the others incubated, to think high and beyond Brazilian borders. Online businesses compete with services around the world, so we prepare entrepreneurs for both the internal and external markets”.

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