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A super-fun toy will bring the most beloved TV dogs to three Almeida Junior shopping malls – Norte (Blumenau), Garten (Joinville) and Nações (Criciúma). The characters in the animated series Paw Patrol are the theme of a playful space that will have a slide, target shooting, pimball, among other games. The Nickelodeon licensed event arrives right from the screens to Norte Shopping on June 10. It will go to Nações Shopping in July and then to Garten Shopping in August.

This space, aimed at children from three to 12 years, will set the universe of puppies that are always ready to take action when danger arises, with games inspired by different characters. In ‘Help Marshal put out the fire’, kids will use a compressed air hose to try to knock down the signs with fire. In ‘Rubble’s Pimball’ the mission is to accumulate the most points possible. With ‘Chase’, children need to hit the police dog’s badges using narfs. Finally, in the ‘Cockapoo Skye’ space children need to keep the balls in the air with the help of a compressor.

This attraction will also feature a slide in the command tower of the Paw Patrol and tables with pictures of the characters to color. Moreover, children will have the opportunity to interact and take pictures with the heroic dogs that will be present in the space on weekends. In Norte Shopping, the meeting with the characters will be on June 16, 17, 23, 24 and 30 and on July 1, with sessions of 30 minutes at 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

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What: Paw Patrol Attractions

Where: Norte Shopping (Blumenau) – June 10 to July 4; Nações Shopping (Criciúma) – July 7 to 31; and Garten Shopping (Joinville) – August 3 to 31

How much: Free attraction


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