No category - Published: 16/04/2018

Nações Shopping completes two years since its opening on April 16 and celebrates positive results. It also announces news to the public, such as new stores, attractions and fun options for the whole family.

In its process of maturation, Nações Shopping has been showing continuous growth results. Only in this first quarter of the year, general sales increased 18.9% and the vehicle flow increased 37.6% compared to the same period of 2017. It is also worth highlighting 2017 Christmas sales, which grew 15.6% over the same period of 2016, as well as the vehicle flow, which increased 31.1%. These data show that the inhabitants of Criciúma and neighboring region increasingly visit the mall as a destination for shopping and leisure.

Over the last 12 months, Nações Shopping received new brands that have come to add to the mix and brought several new attractions and events that have moved the city and become the destination for families seeking a safe option for leisure and fun. The new brands include: Clube Morena Rosa, M.Officer, Spirito Santo (relaunched with a new operator), Cacau Show, Casas Bahia Smart, Claro and Tim. On the next few days, important brands will open their doors: Dudalina; Sr. Espeto – home of gourmet grilled skewers; Madison & Cult beauty salon, a renowned beauty salon in Caxias do Sul with operations in Iguatemi, which expands to Santa Catarina through Nações Shopping; Imperium’s Games, bringing high-performance games. Other operations in the segments of footwear, fashion, cosmetics, surfwear, gourmet chocolate, entertainment and services are in advanced negotiations to add to the mix of Nações Shopping.

Among the events, it is worth highlighting the Jurassic World Exhibition, which brought life-size replicas of several species of dinosaurs. Nações Shopping has also hosted great concerts that animated the region. Wesley Safadão, Henrique and Juliano and Anitta were some of the names that made presentations during the last year, bringing fun to a crowd of fans.

“We have invested to bring the best brands and events that cover all ages and audiences and this reflected positively in our numbers. The flow increase is another evidence of this adhesion that Nações Shopping obtained as of the first day here in Criciúma,” says Almeida Junior Superintendent of Corporate Marketing, Monique Campos.

The transformation of the region with the arrival of Nações Shopping is also an important evidence that the mall is an important vector of social and economic development.

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