Jaimes Almeida Junior is awarded the Honorary Citizen of Balneário Camboriú

No category - Published: 30/11/2017

The founder of the largest shopping center in the region was awarded the honorary Citizen of Balneário Camboriú. The official tribute from the City Council for Jaimes Almeida Junior – founder and CEO of Almeida Junior and entrepreneur of Balneário Shopping Center – was the result of a bill authored by Alderman Arlindo Cruz (PMDB) for the contribution of an entrepreneur for generating employment and income in town. Inaugurated 10 years ago, Balneário Shopping center is the largest employer of private entities in the city, with almost 3 thousand people, and maintains a monthly flow of 600 thousand visitors.

The award ceremony took place Wednesday, November 29th, in an official session of the City Council. Today, the mix of Balneário Shopping center is considered a reference for retail qualification for the entire region, with national and international popular brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Le Lis Blanc, John John, Salinas, Maria Filó, Zara, Swarovski, Sephora, Outback and Tok & Stok, many of them who made their entrance in Santa Catarina state by the way of Balneário Shopping center.

The Balneário Shopping center expansion project in 2014 won important awards such as the Latin American Shopping Centers Award in the category of Design and Development (Renovations / Expansions); the Lide Prize for Retail, Consumption and Shopping Centers in Architecture + Design category; Gold in the Revitalization & Expansion category of the ABRASCE 2015 Award, of the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers; and the Top Marketing ADVB / SC (Association of Sales and Marketing Directors).

The presence of a large shopping center in a city significantly changes the way of life. On average, after the installation of a shopping center, the number of companies increased by 20%, the volume of jobs increased by 48% and real estate value is priced 25% higher. Only in the last 12 months, Balneário Shopping center generated almost R $ 95 million in ICMS for Santa Catarina state and R $ 23.9 million for the city on sales, in addition to R $ 330 thousand for ISS. Today it is the largest IPTU collector in the municipality, contributing R $ 500,000 in the last financial year. The arrival of Balneário Shopping center also enabled the construction of Avenida das Flores, currently one of the main access roads to the city, with the donation of the area to city hall, documented in law number 2599, dated June 12, 2006.

 The Entrepreneur

Jaimes Almeida Junior is 60 years old, married, has four children and two grandchildren. Born in Florianópolis, he founded Almeida Junior in 1980 in Blumenau. Its first mall was built in that city in 1993, the Neumarkt Shopping center. The company led by the entrepreneur is the largest in the shopping center segment in the South of Brazil, with six malls totaling 224 thousand m2 of GLA (Gross Lettable Area) and more than 1,800 stores. Balneário Shopping center, inaugurated in 2007 and was the second of Almeida Junior in Santa Catarina. This businessman always believed in the potential of the city, which he affectionately called “the Brazilian Monaco”.

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