Consumers want experiences, says CEO of Almeida Junior

News - Published: 20/06/2017

“The consumer will never fail to enjoy the experience of a purchase in which he has direct contact with the product. It will not end. “The statement is from the CEO of Almeida Junior, Jaimes Almeida Junior, who participated yesterday (19/06) of the Forum of Personalities of Sales, ADVB / SC. The forum brought together entrepreneurs from Santa Catarina who have already been awarded the Personality of Sales award and had as a central theme the high connectivity for the new consumer.

The businessman who runs the largest shopping center company in South Brazil, Almeida Junior argues that it will be vital for companies to understand the interdependence of on and off and make the most of it. “Today there can be no dissociation between the physical and the virtual environment,” he says.

The CEO of Almeida Junior also stressed that consumer physical contact will never be replaced by the virtual environment alone, and cited as an example the companies that moved in this direction, such as Amazon, which has just acquired Whole Foods, an operation that makes eating healthy a fun experience.

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