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Brazil is the first country in the world to use mobile apps every day, according to the mobile analytics company App Annie. Following the retail change, Almeida Junior innovated its app and created SHOPPromo – a tool that gathers the best opportunities of the six shopping malls of its network in a single place. This initiative won the 2018 ADVB/SC (Association of Brazilian Sales and Marketing Managers) Top of Marketing and Sales in the ‘Retail’ category.

The tool was developed by AJ.LABS –  Almeida Junior Center of Innovation and Testing –  and puts the omnichannel concept into practice in an unprecedented manner for the shopping mall segment, integrating the physical and virtual environment. With SHOPPromo, the customer can sign up, select the preferred shopping mall – Norte & Neumarkt Shopping (Blumenau), Garten Shopping (Joinville), Balneário Shopping (Balneário Camboriú), Continente Shopping (Grande Florianópolis) e Nações Shopping (Criciúma) –  and guarantee the best opportunities from the brands of his/her choice in a few clicks by simply using a smartphone or tablet. Then the customer can just book the coupon, guarantee the promotion and complete the purchase by taking the product in the shopping mall stores.

“Offering more effective and value-generating strategies is what differentiate Almeida Junior, a company that is always ahead of the market and offers innovations in marketing, technology and sales that meet the desires and demands of consumers,” says Almeida Junior’s Marketing Superintendent, Monique Campos. For her, the ADVB case confirms that the company is on the right track to increasingly understand its customers and provide new experiences to extend the relationship.

The cases have been evaluated by a team from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) from September 22 to October 22, and the awards in all categories will be held in a closed event on November 28.

SHOPPromo is highlighted

In addition to the ADVB Top of Marketing and Sales awards, AJ.LABS and the SHOPPromo platform have also been featured on other opportunities. In June of this year, AJ.LABS won 14th edition of IT4CIO – an event that gathered Information Technology managers from the largest companies in Santa Catarina. At the national level, Almeida Junior won another prize in August at the most important award in the shopping mall segment, the Brazilian Association of Shopping Malls (ABRASCE) award, in the Technology and Innovation category.

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