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Do you know those unique happy moments between parents and children, such as sitting down at the end of the afternoon to chat and drink a cold beer? This is the atmosphere of the Almeida Junior Father’s Day campaign, which will present customers with a special beer this year, exclusively developed by Caravan Beer and produced at the Blumenau Beer factory.

From August 2 to 12, a minimum amount of R$ 200 in purchases can be exchanged for a Caravan Beer Hop Lager, which will come accompanied by a personalized coaster. The campaign is valid for Neumarkt and Norte Shopping (Blumenau), Balneário Shopping (Balneário Camboriú), Garten Shopping (Joinville), Continente Shopping (Greater Florianópolis) and Nações Shopping (Criciúma). An exchange for each registered Social Security Number will be valid, and the participation is restricted to people over 18 years of age.

Caravan Beer, a brewery founded two years ago in São Paulo and which has seven beer types on the market – one of them, Ginger Pale Ale, awarded a bronze medal at the Brazilian Beer Festival in Blumenau – was invited to create an exclusive recipe to celebrate the Father’s Day in the Almeida Junior shopping malls. The Caravan’s founder, Jaimes Neto, says he wanted to present a recipe that appealed to most palates, but that was also complex. “I thought of an option that even people who do not have the habit of consuming specialty beers would try with ease,” he says.

Light and refreshing

The idea of doing a Hop Lager came up. Developing a beer recipe, Neto explains, is always a reverse creation. The brewer firstly thinks about the final result and then goes deconstructing to see what needs to be done until he/she reaches the result. “In that case, I wanted a beer with an alcohol content of 4.6% and so I added less malt. I opted for a simple malt base with a generous hop content, mainly at the end of the boiling process, and then a cold addition – called Dry Hopping, where the hops are placed directly in the fermentation tank to focus on flavor and aroma, and thus differentiate itself from traditional Lagers,” he explains.

The result is a light refreshing beer, low-bodied, golden-colored, with a creamy white foam. The aroma is of tropical and citrus fruits, like passion fruit and peach, that comes from selected American hops. “My taste is more prone to the American school, which has stronger and more intense beers. But here in the South region we have a very large influence of the German culture and the predominant beer is the Lager, which is cleaner and easier to drink,” he highlights. Neto comments that he has decided to take advantage of this cultural issue and incorporate something that he likes, which is the most pronounced hops.


Like other Almeida Junior campaigns this year, the Father’s Day campaign will be starred by parents or children who are influencers and opinion makers. The images portray moments of happiness and harmony between them, whether adults or children, in a natural and relaxed manner, as in everyday life. In Neumarkt, the architect Nicholas Alencar took the pictures with little Lina, while Norte Shopping brings images of the choreographer Guga Bastos with his father Clayde. In Balneário Shopping the guest was the photographer Fabio Bartelt, with his kids Bento and Benoah. In Garten Shopping the businessman Caio Yamaguchi posed with his daughter Akemi. In the Continente Shopping, advertiser Marco Rocca features the campaign with his daughter Dora. Finally, the Nações Shopping protagonists are the influencer Enzo Fagundes and his father Alysson.

Registration via APP

To facilitate the process for customers and ensure greater agility, the exchange of invoices will be made using Almeida Junior application. Just download the app, select the shopping mall where the purchase was made, click on ‘Buy & Win’, validate the information and take pictures of the invoices. Thus, you do not need to print paper vouchers. After receiving a completion message, the customer may withdraw his/her gift at the exchange counter in each shopping mall. The complete campaign regulation can be accessed on the website of Almeida Junior shopping malls.

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