Almeida Junior moves from São Paulo to the Greater Florianópolis

News - Published: 07/07/2017

After 23 years established in São Paulo, Almeida Junior brings its headquarters to Santa Catarina. Installed in an area of ​​1.300 square meters on the upper floor of Continente Shopping Center, the new headquarters houses the company’s “brain”: management, treasury, controllership, service center, legal, management, corporate marketing, IT, commercial, mall & media for (Neumarkt and Norte (Blumenau), Balneário (Balneário Camboriú), Garten (Joinville), Continente (Greater Florianópolis) and the Nações (Criciúma). “Today it does not make sense to be based in São Paulo. Our mission is to make Almeida Junior a national company and the largest in South of Brazil and it has been achieved. We need to be close to our shopping centers and work in an integrated way”, says CEO Jaimes Almeida Junior.

The company, founded in Blumenau in 1980, moved its headquarters to São Paulo in 1994 to be closer to the big players of retail and financial institutions. In 2007, Almeida Junior decided to focus its investments in Santa Catarina in order to become a leader in the shopping center segment in the State. Today, there are six shopping centers in the State. The company maintained until February of this year the headquarters of the holding company in São Paulo, the service center in Blumenau and also important departments in our other shopping centers.


Corporate executives of the company headquartered all in different shopping centers. “With the new headquarters the management of the company was 100% integrated and the focus for this year is to increase the operational efficiency of our malls and our company”, says Almeida Junior.
The new headquarters was inspired by most modern offices of multinationals. All the departments responsible for corporate management of the malls and the companies of Almeida Junior are integrated in the same environment, like a production line. In addition, Almeida Junior invested in an area of ​​decompression for the team, with innovative technologies and great comfort. In the central area there are workstations that integrate all areas of the company. On the same floor there is a board room and 10 meeting rooms of different sizes. In the mezzanine is the so-called employee decompression area. With a pool table, video games, foosball, home theater, nets and puffs, the space provides relaxation for employee’s on breaks to replenish their energy. It also has a gourmet space equipped and integrated for social gatherings and happy hours. Equipped with full kitchen for daily use. The new venue also has an auditorium with capacity for 40 people for meetings with managers, presentations and training, with the latest sound and audio equipment.

About 80 employees from the administrative areas work in the new headquarters – today Almeida Junior has more than 1.000 employees total, the majority allocated in the six shopping centers. For the CEO of the company, returning to his state of origin it holds a special meaning. “Almeida Junior was born here and im bringing the headquarters back to Santa Catarina. It confirms our commitment to continue investing in the state that has the best socioeconomic status in Brazil and has the best conditions to undertake it”, says Jaimes Almeida Junior.


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