Almeida Junior innovates with the creation of the Happy Store, a project that will contribute to the Infant Hospital Joana de Gusmão and Joinville’s Infant Hospital

No category - Published: 04/08/2017

Almeida Junior will contribute to the construction of a better future for children with cancer in Santa Catarina. In August, all six shopping centers – Balneário (Balneário Camboriú), Continente (Grande Florianópolis), Garten (Joinville), Nações (Criciúma), and Neumarkt and Norte (Blumenau) – will inaugurate the Happy Store, dedicated to solidarity and will have T-shirts and tickets for the McDia Feliz campaign, scheduled for the 26th. The project is a partnership between Almeida Junior, McDonald’s and Association of Volunteers of Support and Assistance to Children and Adolescents (AVOS), one of the entities benefited from the restaurant chain’s campaign in 10 cities in Santa Catarina, and Joinville’s Infant Hospital.

More than sales space, the Happy Store was designed to engage customers of the mall with the campaign and to invite the feeling of solidarity. On hangers there will be exhibitions of photographs of the children who will benefit from the sales of T-shirts, stamped with the message “I am from Santa Catarina with my heart and soul” (R $ 25,00), and Big Mac tickets (R $ 15,50), which can be exchanged for a sandwich at Happy Mc Day, in the malls. All the income collected in the Garten Shopping store will be destined for Joinville’s Infant Hospital, and the income collected by other shopping centers for the conclusion of the new outpatient center Carlos Bastos Gomes next to the Infant Hospital Joana de Gusmão, reference unit in the State for the treatment of childhood cancer.

The new outpatient clinic has an estimated cost of R $ 2.7 million and work is expected to be completed by 2018. The expectation is to double the attendance capacity with the increase in the number of chemotherapy application points, in addition to having more offices and much more room to cater children. The outpatient clinic will also have a Family Space, a place specially designed to receive children and family members who come from the interior of the state and need a comfortable and welcoming environment to stay during treatment or while waiting for transportation to return to the cities of origin.

The Happy Store project is part of the Almeida Junior shopping centers and can be used by any other company that wants to take the initiative. “We created a project to be in the public domain and thus encourages other companies to use the Happy Store. The goal is to increase points so that we can raise more resources for the campaign, “says Superintendent of Corporate Marketing Almeida Junior, Monique Campos.

According to AVOS executive counselor Bernadette Berto, every year there are 100 new cases of childhood cancer in Santa Catarina and the structure of the former outpatient clinic no longer meets this demand. “Almeida Junior’s initiative to create the Happy Shop is exceptional because it will give greater visibility to our fight for the cure of childhood cancer in various regions of the state. For the first time in 24 years of campaigning, we have achieved an important partnership, which goes far beyond Happy Mc Day. In this innovative format, the project will not only impact the community but also stimulate other social actions in support of this cause, “says Bernadete.

About Happy McDia Feliz

McDia Feliz is the country’s largest campaign for adolescents and children with cancer. It is not only a collection campaign, but an initiative that mobilizes different sectors of society to contribute to the increased rates of cure for childhood and juvenile cancer in Brazil. The campaign is a success thanks to the fundamental participation of institutions, employees, franchisees and suppliers of McDonald’s, as well as thousands of volunteers who mobilized society the last Saturday of August to transform Big Mac’s into smiles. In 2017, dozens of projects across the country will receive campaign fundraising funds.

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